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Name of Carrier: Princess Three Operating, LLC
2400 TX 322 N
Henderson, Texas 75652
CDL Employment Application
This Company is an equal employment opportunity employer. We adhere to a policy of making employment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, age, or disability. We assure you that your opportunity for employment with this Company depends solely on your qualifications. 

Note: Fields marked with a * require an answer. Please use "N/A" for "not applicable" if necessary. Applicants may be required to complete and sign a paper application for employment upon interview.
Applicant Information
Residencies (Last 3 Years)
License Information
No person who operates a commercial motor vehicle shall at any time have more than one driver's license (49 CFR 383.21). I certify that I do not have more than one motor vehicle license, the information for which is listed below. Include all licenses held for the past 3 years; attach additional sheets if needed. 
Previously Held Licenses:
Driving Experience
Straight Truck
Tractor & Semi-Trailer
Tractor & 2 Trailers
Tractor & Tanker
Accident Record for the Past 3 Years
Traffic Convictions & Forfeitures for the Past 3 Years (other than parking violations)
Employment History
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (49 CFR 391.21) require that all applicants wishing to drive a commercial vehicle list all employment for the last three (3) years, In addition, if you have driven a commercial vehicle previously, you must provide employment history for an additional seven (7) years (for a total of ten (10} years). Any gaps in employment in excess of one (1) month must be explained. 

Start with the last or current position, including any military experience, and work backwards (attach separate sheets if necessary). You are required to list the complete mailing address, including street number, city, state, zip; and complete all other information. 

Current (Most Recent) Employer:
Second Most Recent Employer:
Third Most Recent Employer:
Other Qualifications
Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Questionnaire
Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Consent For Limited Queries
NOTICE TO DRIVER: The Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Is a federal database containing information about COL drivers who have violated the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA's) drug or alcohol regulations in 49 CFR Part 382. Whether you have committed such a violation or not, each motor carrier for whom you drive is required to check whether the Clearinghouse has any information about you, both at the time of hire and annually. When conducting an annual inquiry, the motor carrier has the option to request a "limited" report that only Indicates whether the Clearinghouse has any information about you. Before a motor carrier may request a limited report, they must have your written authorization, per §382. 701 (b). This authorization may be valid for more than one year. If a limited query ever reveals that the Clearinghouse has information about you, you will be required to log in to the Clearinghouse website within 24 hours to grant electronic consent for the motor carrier to obtain your full Clearinghouse record.

NOTICE TO MOTOR CARRIER: This consent form authorizes you to run a "limited query" to check whether the Clearinghouse has information about the driver Identified below. If It does, then you must obtain a full Clearinghouse record within 24 hours, per §382.701(b). This consent form must be retained until 3 years after the date of the last limited query you perform for this driver, based on the authorization below.

By signing below, I hereby authorize to conduct limited annual queries of the FMCSA's Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, to determine If a Clearinghouse record exists for me. This consent is valid from the date shown below until my employment with the above-named motor carrier ceases or until I am no longer subject to the drug and alcohol testing rules In 49 CFR Part 382 for the above-named motor carrier. 

I understand that if any limited query reveals that the Clearinghouse contains information about me, I must grant electronic consent within 24 hours, via the Clearinghouse website, for the motor carrier to obtain my full Clearinghouse record. Refusal to provide such consent will result in my removal from safety sensitive duties. 
Safety Performance History Records Request
This request Is made by the driver/applicant in compliance with the Department of Transportation regulations. 

§391.23(1)(2) Drivers who have previous Department of Transportation regulated employment history in the preceding three years, and wish to review previous employer-provided investigative information must submit a written request to the prospective employer, which may be done at any time, including when applying, or as late as thirty (30) days after being employed or being notified of denial of employment. The prospective employer must provide this information to the applicant within five (5) business days of receiving the written request. If the prospective employer has not yet received the requested information from the previous employer(s), then the five-business-days deadline will begin when the prospective employer receives the requested safety-performance history information. If the driver has not arranged to pick up or receive the requested records within thirty (30) days of the prospective employer making them available, the prospective motor carrier may consider the driver to have waived his/her request to review the records. 
In compliance with §40.25(9) and 391.23(h), release of this information must be made in a written form that ensures confidentiality, such as fax, email, or letter. 

I hereby authorize my previous employer to release and forward the information requested by section 3 of this document concerning my Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing records within the previous 3 years from today's date to:
I am submitting this written request to obtain copies of my Department of Transportation Safety Performance History for the preceding three years. I understand, for records requested from a prospective employer, that I must arrange to pick up or receive the requested records within thirty (30) days of the records being made available or I have waived my request to review the records. 
To Be Completed By Previous Employer:
ACCIDENTS: Complete the following for any accidents included on your accident register (§390.15(b)) that involved the applicant in the 3 years prior to the application date shown above, or check □ here if there is no accident register data for this driver. 
To Be Completed By Prospective Employer:
The information must be provided to the applicant within five (5) business days of receiving the written request. If the prospective employer has not yet received the requested information form the previous employer(s), then the five-business­ days deadline will begin when the prospective employer receives the requested safety performance history information. 

Information supplied to: 
Applicant's Statement
I authorize you to make investigations (including contacting current and prior employers) into my personal, employment, financial, medical history, and other related matters as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision. I hereby release employers, schools, health care providers, and other persons from all liability in responding to inquiries and releasing information in connection with my application. 

In the event of employment, I understand that false or misleading information given in my application or interview(s) may result in discharge. I also understand that I am required to abide by all rules and regulations of the Company. 

I understand that the information I provide regarding my current and/or prior employers may be used, and those employer(s) will be contacted for the purpose of investigating my safety performance history as required by 49 CFR 391.23. I understand that I have the right to: 

• Review information provided by current/previous employers;
• Have errors in the information corrected by previous employers, and for those previous employers to resend the corrected information to the prospective employer; and 
• Have a rebuttal statement attached to the alleged erroneous information, if the previous employer(s) and I cannot agree on the accuracy of the information.

This certifies that I completed this application, and that all entries on it and information in it are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. Note: A motor carrier may require an applicant to provide more information than that required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.